European Auto Repair in Orlando, FL

Our auto shop completes repairs for all European cars, however we do specialize in Bentley, Lotus, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, and Lamborghini car repair.  We are not just an auto repair shop; we have highly trained mechanics who are specialists in not only repairing European cars, but also Performance Parts Installation.

We have the proper equipment to perform car diagnostics and repair your vehicle to make it reliable once again.  Maintenance and repair of European cars requires tools and knowledge that not all auto centers are equipped with.  Call us at 407-490-5049 and we will take care of you!

Repairs Incude

Engine Repair
Wheels and Tires

Transmission Services
Heating and Cooling
General Car Services
Electrical Services and More

European Car Maintenance

Our mechanics are trained to complete all preventative maintenance services including oil changes, replacing the air filter, spark plugs, transmission fluid, and more, on your vehicle so your car will last longer and remain in top condition. 

Benefits of regular maintenance include:
Avoiding costly repairs
More reliable vehicle
Retains value of your vehicle
Better performance
Lasts longer
Increased safety of vehicle

What our Customers say

“The only place to bring your vehicle! Owner Sergio provides phenomenal customer service and explains everything in great detail before, during, and after so you know exactly what needs to be done, what is getting done, and what has been done to your car along with pictures of the entire process. Nostrum does quality work and it is the attention to detail that I trust to work on my Euro cars.”
– Edgardo A.

As Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, and VW specialists, our mechanics will take good care of your car.

  We know how to keep it in peak condition with cost-effective repairs.  To see what our auto repair shop servicing can do for you, call us at 407-490-5049 to ask questions or make an appointment.
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